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What world wants China to disclose in Wuhan lab leak probe


(June 11): The U.S. push for a new inquiry to determine the origins of the coronavirus -- including whether it leaked from a Wuhan lab -- raises a key question: What has China failed to disclose?

The Group of Seven leaders this weekend are set to call for a fresh, transparent, World Health Organization-convened study into the origins of this virus, according to a draft statement seen by Bloomberg News. Yet so far they’ve been vague on what exactly they want.

In his statement giving intelligence agencies 90 days to redouble efforts into the origin of Covid-19, President Joe Biden asked them to come up with “specific questions for China.” Beijing officials have repeatedly denied that the virus leaked from the lab, and pointed to a WHO report earlier this year that said the most likely origin was natural.

But WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

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14 hours ago
How can anyone trust the American government with its playing of words and twisted of facts. There is a total lost of trusts and sincerity from the American government and its allied forces.

Henry MC
17 hours ago
The evidence is in the virus. If its man made, there will be markers all over the virus genome. Also the intergration of the RNA which affects the survival of the virus will not be this good. With the mutation rate of this virus, it has managed to outsmart human antibody resistance. This itself proof the virus is highly capable of mutating on its own into something much stronger from a weak version of itself. The indian variant of the virus is totally different from the first version of the virus... Assuming the first version of the virus is not dangerous to humans, then we would have discovered the indian variant as the first version of the Covid virus. Virologist are convinced the Covid-19 virus have been circulating & mutating among humans for a long time before becoming lethal.

Vamsi B
2 days ago
The country got sufficient time to clear all the evidence.no one fool we all know where did the first initial cases started to come.which country is responsible.just blindly don't support the country which don't believe in sharing anything to anyone.evwn its own country people don't have their own rights.

Look Me
2 days ago
Why wuhan lab dont want to give their lab staff health data?

Look Me
2 days ago
Really Nu Aa? Recent air intrusion in Msian airspace? What you say about that?

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