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"#TanyaJe" JKJAV caught following a sexy cosplayer's account on Twitter | WeirdKaya



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The official Twitter account of the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) was caught following a scantily-clad cosplayer named @cluelo by a netizen yesterday (June 10).

Twitter user Adib posed the now infamous question in a tweet saying:

"Hi @JKJAVMY, why are you following this cosplayer's account?#TanyaJe (just asking) #JanganTangkap (Don't arrest)."

He also shared screenshots proving that JKJAV was indeed on the cosplayer's followers' list.

In @cluelo's Twitter's bio, she wrote that she loves cosplaying, playing dress-up, and 'pleasing' people. Hmmmmm

She also told her audience to follow her OnlyFans account to see her 'spicier side'.

WeirdKaya did a quick check on her OnlyFans account and discovered

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Lawrence Chin Kf
7 hours ago
Maybe they want to cucuk using banana instead of needle? Who's know?

reale calma
2 days ago
JKJAV looking for inspiration?

Wayne Wia-Ling
2 days ago
Waiting for someone from JKJAV to say that account has been hacked..

Wilson Chang
2 days ago
Someone is sabotaging the account. Who is so free to do this kind of thing. The password is leaked.

MD Limbang
2 days ago
Better look for other job....

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