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For Years, This Has Been The Standard Bearer For Luxury SUVs


It goes without saying that the Porsche Cayenne remains the top choice within the luxury SUV segment. It is a position it has impressively maintained for nearly 20 years. After all, it was one of the first in the segment. The first true performance SUV to hit the road, it brought prominence to the luxury SUV market. 

Heralded as a game changer, the Porsche Cayenne changed the perception of drivers, who thought SUVs were just large and clunky people movers. The Porsche Cayenne was not just fast and capable but extremely luxurious as well. It featured a practical yet stylish design along with comfort and performance.  It was a vehicle you could use for your daily activities, sporty excursions or an exhilarating highway run.

Nearly two decades on, the Porsche Cayenne continues to offer drivers the ultimate luxury experience on wheels. Not one to rest on its la

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