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General : Prepare for socio-economic transition post-COVID-19 - PM Muhyiddin


KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 -- Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said it is time for industries and businesses to prepare for the socio-economic transition post-COVID-19 as the government is ramping up the rollout of vaccination programmes, as well as delivering socio-economic policies and recovery packages to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Speaking at the virtual launch of the International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2021, the Prime Minister said the unprecedented and rapid changes due to the pandemic have indeed forced the country to continuously realign the sustainability aspect that has impacted many parts of the peoples’ lives.

On this, Muhyiddin gave his assurance that the government would continue adopting the whole-of-nation approach to ensure that its policies are clear and conducive for sustainable economic develop

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1 week ago

Putang Inang
1 week ago
Still making last gasps effort to cheat money from public...kudos..I love your positif attitude

1 week ago
People pay 1billion to see changes and oldies already took 0.5billion for their jam jam mahal and rumah rumah besar haih…

1 week ago
Why don't you just quit and give the country a chance?

Alvin Ambrose
1 week ago
Just resign la

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