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Kajang cops nab ‘Datuk Seri’ suspected of scamming actor over DBKL cleaning contract


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KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — A man who claimed to be a ‘Datuk Seri’ has been arrested on suspicion of cheating a popular actor after promising to help him get a cleaning contract from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

Sentul district police chief ACP Beh Eng Lai said the 26-yeard-old man was arrested by Kajang district police yesterday and would be handed over to Sentul police for investigation tomorrow.

“Yesterday, police received a report from a popular actor with the title Datuk who fell victim to a scam regarding the extension of a cleaning contract with DBKL.

“The actor met a local man who introduced himself as a Datuk Seri and offered him a tender in a DBKL cleaning project,” he said in a statement today

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Hjhussin Mdsalleh
1 week ago
Padan muka datuk actor tu... ini la akibat suka beri rasuah... itu yg sekarang negara akan jadi JUARA RASUAH DUNIA.

saffe mohd yusof
1 week ago
Bolih lah land...

saffe mohd yusof
1 week ago
Datok Sri Nicky apa cerita ,,??

R Ace
1 week ago
Datuk actor scammed by faked Datuk Seri reflected corruption and bribery is way to secure business thats why the system sucks! Infact , Gov should prioritise to clean, clear and purge Corruption in order to progress but getting hard to because its now like cancer cells striving at the expenses of the rich to poor poorer rakyat ! Yet got extremist moron Mp of corruption is okay? Heavy punishment include death sentence for Corruption may send strong signal out to improve / eliminate giver & taker of Corruption!

Carlson Chan
1 week ago
Actor is greedy. 26 years old already get Dato Seri title, is that not suspicious?

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