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Fully vaxxed people may soon visit family members across states: DPM


KUALA LUMPUR – Those who have received both shots of the Covid-19 vaccine may soon be permitted to travel to meet family members staying across state borders. 

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the government is considering giving some leeway to those who are fully vaccinated and have been separated from their families and partners due to movement restrictions. 

In an Instagram post, he said he took note of the grouses posted by netizens of not being able to meet their spouses, parents, and children due to the travel ban. 

Being a father himself, Ismail Sabri said, he understood the importance of a family institution and that even in the context of safety factors, parents should not be forced to be separated from their children for long periods. 

“This is especially true if the parents have received both doses of the vaccine,”

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1 week ago
Cross state & die together kill their families too Very smart move by government Idiots

Hanazrie Zainol
1 week ago
Wow.. lets increase more... never want to learn from mistake... fully vacicinated still can get covid 19... pleaselah... let the whole nation get vacinnated than only release MCO... do like our neighbouring country singapore lah... aiyooo...

Paul Mohan Arokiasamy
1 week ago
Well said. I miss my grandson alot

Kevin Low
1 week ago
15k not enough😓😓😓

1 week ago
My suggestion is that to give out vaccination appointments based on household, arranged by district. So we can do it district by district, then the district where everyone is fully vaccinated (after 1 week) then can slowly move on to phase 3 or like CMCO etc. Something like that? There must be a way! This is the whole concept of what i visualise but of course there will be small details that might need to adjust. I think that way might be more effective then whats happening right now, everything is just so messy.

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