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Weight Loss Journey: My 7 Diet Friendly Snacks Preferences

Health & Fitness

It is time for me to lose weight. From 57 to 72 kg, my BMI showed that I am overweight. Despite that, with regular exercise and a change of diet, I still intend on adding some fun to the weight loss journey.

Eating a healthy meal is beneficial, but I am not giving up on snacking. Losing weight shouldn’t be a dull journey, it should be filled with things you love doing and most importantly, the food you love eating. 

Photos by David Disponett from Pexels

I learned that the best nutritious snack must have fiber, protein, fat, and, vitamins to help me feel satiated and provide nutrition to my body.

Additionally, snacking between meals can help to curb hunger for the next meal, and as a result, it prevents me from overeating suggested that the amount of calories for snacking is 150 – 200 calories per day and not exceeding the calories for the day (when consid

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mrs pip
3 months ago
The word 'not' missing --- Eating a healthy meal is beneficial, but I am NOT giving up on snacking.

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