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Apple and AT&T team up with Delta to give pilots the new M1 iPad Pro with 5G


Following a big move to bring the iPhone 12 to almost 20,000 Delta flight attendants back in April, the airline is again partnering with Apple and AT&T to upgrade all of its pilot’s electronic flight bags with the new M1-powered iPad Pro and 5G.

The major iPhone 12 upgrade for Delta was part of its push to “lead the commercial airlines industry into the 5G era.” That effort continues with the airline upgrading “all pilot electronic flight bags (EFB) —one of a pilot’s tools for use in pre-flight management tasks and processes — to the new iPad Pro, powered by Apple’s M1 chip and 5G.”

The new M1 iPad Pro with 5G will include an AT&T global SIM to give pilots a “seamless device experience.”

AT&T shared more in a press release why iPad Pro is a great choice for pilots:

iPad Pro is extremely versatile in aviation, with its thin an

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