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First impressions: The new iPad mini is the perfect size and it packs a serious punch


I’ve only spent a few hours with the new iPad mini, but I can confidently say that it’s fantastic. It’s not perfect, no product is, but Apple has done something wonderful with the iPad mini this generation. These are my first impressions of using the 6th generation iPad mini on launch day.

The perfect size

First off, the iPad mini is the perfect size. It’s smaller than the previous generation and you can feel it. I would say the closest thing to compare the new iPad mini to is a standard size Moleskine journal. I can comfortably hold it in one hand, although it’s trickier to do so when the Apple Pencil is stuck to the side.

The new iPad mini is not that much bigger than an iPhone 13 Pro Max. But don’t think this means owning both is duplicitous. This iPad mini is a major power house. Not only does it have the same A15 chip that’s

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