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Avoid Drinking Water? Here Are The Reasons Why Drinking Water Is A Must

Health & Fitness

Do you drink water as per the recommended guidelines, which is eight glasses a day?

The human body contains 60% water. The water cycle in the body is supplied by drinking water as well as the water content in food and will go through several processes which are then excreted through urine by 50%, sweat 34%, respiration 14%, and feces 2%. 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

We tend to forget to drink water until our throats feel dry and thirsty, right? Did you know that water is the second most important substance needed by the human body for life after oxygen?

Water not only provides hydration, but our body uses water in all the cells, organs and tissues, to help regulate body temperature, aid brain function and flush out waste from our body, and maintain other bodily activities.

Just because water is tasteless, we should never underestimate the import

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Pauline Then
2 months ago
Eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters

Ishak Bin Salleh Salleh
2 months ago
Usefull knowledge for new comer

Traceen Paliath
2 months ago
They say optimal water intake is 1L/25kgs 🤔

mrs pip
2 months ago
1 glass is about 250ml so 8 glasses is 2L

Yaw Chee
2 months ago
1.5 litres of water is about 6.4 cups

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