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The Many Saints of Newark Review: A Banner Prequel to The Sopranos


The Many Saints of Newark is a banner prequel to television's greatest mafia crime drama. Fourteen years after The Sopranos series finale on HBO, writer and showrunner David Chase shows us the nascent stage of an iconic gangster. Tony Soprano was forged in a firestorm of racial unrest under the tutulage of a charismatic murderer. The Many Saints of Newark tells the riveting story of how Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) took control of New Jersey's DiMeo crime family and influenced an impressionable nephew that worshipped him.

In 1967 Newark, Dickie Moltisanti takes young Tony Soprano (William Ludwig) to pick up his father. Crime boss Aldo "Hollywood Dick" Moltisanti (Ray Liotta) has returned from Italy with his gorgeous new bride, Giuseppina (Michela De Rossi). The Summer of Love did not cross the Hudson River. Newark simmers with racial tensions. Dickie tells his fa

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