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Premium iPhone 13 cases and screen protectors from Totallee now 20% off


Whether you just got a brand new iPhone 13 or are looking to spruce up your older device, totallee is celebrating the arrival of the new iPhone 13 series by offering 20% off all products on its website with code SLEEK.

20% Off iPhone 13 Cases

Totallee is well known for its iPhone cases, which it has been making since 2013. The cases are thin, stylish, and branding-free. If you’re not a fan of bulky cases with big logos, you should seriously consider getting a case from totallee to protect your iPhone. They come in 3 styles:

Matte: This is totallee’s signature case. It is only 0.02” thick and weighs only 0.01oz. It’s pocket-friendly form factor allows you to enjoy your iPhone’s elegant design. Transparent: This is the ideal pick for people who want to both protect and show off their new iPhone 13 Pro – especially if you got that sleek Si

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