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Schools in Phase four states must be fully prepared for reopening — Radzi Jidin


ALOR SETAR (Sept 25): All schools in Phase Four states under the National Recovery Plan, (PPN) must make the necessary preparations before face-to-face schooling commences on Oct 3.

Education Minister Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin said among the matters that schools should pay attention to is providing a good ventilation system to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections in particular those involving the Delta variant.

“As what the Health Minister had advised in the context of the Delta variant, what is important is the ventilation, not only in classrooms, special rooms and offices but all other confined areas in the school should be well ventilated.

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Philip Reynold
3 weeks ago
Keep unvaccinated teachers away from school

Chee Meng Kan
3 weeks ago
Sure backfire. Everyday so high cases. ADA OTAK KE

jai jai
3 weeks ago
Malaysia boleh.. 😍

Rental Van Van Rental
3 weeks ago
Suruh pakai double mask then mcm mana budak kecil

Rental Van Van Rental
3 weeks ago
Gila lah ka....

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