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AC Milan chief Gazidis: Fans now understand how club must be rebuilt


AC Milan chief exec Ivan Gazidis feels the fans now understand how the club is being rebuilt.

Milan remain under the ownership of hedge fund Elliott, which are seeking a long-term buyer.

Gazidis said, "The question of governance is fundamental, we must remember that everything is based on clubs.

“Milan will have to answer a series of questions about our financial health. So Financial Fair Play still exists.

“[In 2019] we wanted a sustainable football project and we were punished with a year's suspension from international competitions," he continued.

“I accept that, but the rules must be the same for everyone. Are they? You have to ask UEFA, its credibility is at stake.

“We at Milan do not want to say no to ambitions but give the club the strength to build a successful and independent future.

“People talk abou

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