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Real Madrid coach Ancelotti talks Hazard and Benzema Ballon d'Or prospects


Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti insists Eden Hazard is injury free.

Ancelotti says he was happy with Hazard for victory at Valencia, though won't confirm he will start against Villarreal this weekend.

He said, "The most important thing is that Hazard is training well and has no injury problems. He recovered well after the Valencia game. I can't guarantee he'll play every game, even if he's 100% fit, in the same way for any other player in the squad. The most important thing is that he's ok."

Ancelotti was also asked about Karim Benzema's Ballon d'Or prospects.

He added: "He deserves to be on the list of nominees for the Ballon d'Or because of what he's been doing and what he did last season. He still has time to win it and I don't think this season will be his last chance. He's a bit like good wine, he gets better with age."


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