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iPhone: How to set a custom Safari background in iOS 15


One of the big changes with iOS 15 is a totally redesigned Safari. The all-new browser aims to make it easier to use with one hand and offers more customizability. Follow along for how to set a custom iPhone Safari background in iOS 15.

There are quite a few changes with Safari on iPhone in iOS 15. For an in-depth look at all the changes, check out our guide as well as all the best new extensions for Safari:

Hands-on: Here’s how the all-new Safari in iOS 15 works Here are the best new Safari extensions to download for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

As for setting a custom iPhone Safari background, it’s a quick and easy change and you can use any of your own images or the new included background wallpapers from Apple.

How to set a custom iPhone Safari background in iOS 15

Open an empty Safari page (tap the two square icon > tap the + ico

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