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Need Strong Lungs? Here Are Some Simple Tips – How To Care Of Your Lungs

Health & Fitness

My brother was hospitalized for 21 days battling from Covid-19 stage 5. He survived, and is now taking his time to recover. When the Coronavirus attacks, he suffers from pneumonia and is on medication to ensure his lungs function efficiently – but never back like normal lungs.

It is important to look after your lung health to aid recovery should you be infected by the virus. While you are healthy, make sure you take care of your lung health. Never take it for granted, he advised.

The lungs that are located in the chest on the right and left sides, support the respiratory system and the vertebrate circulatory system. With a sponge-like surface (spongy texture), its function is to oxygenate blood.

Lung health is vital for a person’s health. Though the lungs are self-cleaning organs and can heal themselves, just like the rest of our body lungs need care and attentio

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1 month ago
Use essential oil by diffusing it helps too. Just sharing ✌🏻

Janet Ng Wee Choo
1 month ago
Thank you👏

Wilson Ooi
1 month ago
Indeed COVID PNEUMONIA will leave a scar on all recovered patients

Siong Chenvui
1 month ago

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