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Singapore ‘woos’ Malaysian doctors to work in Covid-19 care centres


PETALING JAYA: Faced with an increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore, a hospital group in the republic has sent out a message on social media inviting medical officers (MOs) from Malaysia to work there on a contract basis. 

Besides offering a reasonably attractive salary upon conversion to the Malaysian currency, the advertiser said all necessary documents required for Malaysian doctors to be employed in Singapore would be fast tracked. 

“Quarantine, work permit and Singapore Medical Council licensing will be fast tracked so that they can start work immediately. Graduates from non-MoH (ministry of health) approved medical schools can also apply,” the viral message said, adding that those interested were required to have at least three years of experience. 

Checks with the contact person named in the message confirmed that the offer is f

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Kama M Muhammad
1 month ago
Like I said before, Singapore is an extremely overrated country. If they are self sufficient like what they boast to the world, why need to *woo" doctors from abroad?

Kenn Khor
1 month ago
As usual, free training and education from MY.

Oinky Oink
1 month ago
@nazril syamel, your kind kicked SG out of Malaysia but yet they still offer us work with better pay. Who is laughing harder now?

Soo Hock Ooi
1 month ago
If you qualify and met all the requirements, you should go and apply. Why work for government hospitals under stupid contract terms.

Tai Lung Aik
1 month ago
Ours loss will be their gain. We never take care of contract doctors

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