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Research Says This Antioxidant Can Supercharge Other Antioxidants In The Body*

Health & Fitness

In the skin supplement space, we talk a lot about antioxidants. After all, these precious actives do so much for us. On a broad level, they neutralize free radicals and help buffer us from oxidative stress-and that alone is enough to sing their praises. More specifically, individual antioxidants can perform a variety of functions in the body like synthesizing collagen (vitamin C), encouraging cellular energy (coenzyme Q10), and supporting the skin barrier (niacinamide).*  

Now, what if I told you that some antioxidants carry another power: They are able to amp up and supercharge other antioxidants.* Pretty impressive, no? Well, here's exactly how you can do that with smart supplementation. 

To understand how you can encourage your antioxidant response, you need to know how they work in the first place. As I noted, antioxidants work by n

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