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Hands-on with Apple’s gorgeous new Contour watch face


Apple has introduced two new watch faces with the new Series 7 watches: Contour and Modular Duo. Contour is the more interesting of the two and features a gorgeous design that falls off the edges of the new larger displays. The new face is extremely customizable and features a bunch of ways to personalize it.

First off, Contour can be used with either a regular flat font or a rounded variation. The rounded variation looks really slick with the new more curved design of the watch. In addition to the fonts, you can choose between a black background or a filled-in colored background.

The colored background can feature any of the colors that Apple includes in the watchOS face picker, meaning you can edit this face to match any of your watch bands from the past six years. The picker also lets you adjust the lightness or darkness of the shade you select. Ap

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