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Why Your Nighttime Routine Should Actually Start In The Morning


We know what you're thinking: Shouldn't a nighttime routine begin, ahem, at night? A valid question, but let's not forget that good sleep hygiene takes consistent effort-which means it can totally extend beyond the evening hours. If you're trying to maximize high-quality sleep, you need to incorporate healthy sleep-promoting behaviors all day long, period and full stop. 

Take it from mbg's Director of Scientific Affairs Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., R.D.N.: "I actually like to think of nighttime starting in the morning," she says on the mindbodygreen podcast. (No, that doesn't include naps.) Ferira explains her morning-slash-nighttime routine below. 

Of course, Ferira has a solid wind-down routine as well (she typically watches relaxing TV shows, indulges in a mini facial massage during her beauty routine, and oftentimes pregames her slee

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