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A Test To Find Out If Your Home Has Mold - In Less Than 30 Seconds

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Think you have to crack open your walls to see if there's mold in your home? Think again. There's actually a very simple way to check your home for mold-and it only takes about 25 seconds.

Go ahead and pop open the cover of your toilet tank and check the undersides. If there is mold present there, it could mean that you have mold somewhere in the house that's providing the spores needed to start growing inside your toilet tank.

When it comes to checking your toilet, you might be thinking, "But it's wet and dark. Seems like it's bound to have mold..." Not really! You're much less likely to find mold in the toilet tank than in other damp areas like the shower. The tank lid itself is heavy, but it's not hermetically sealed, which means that it doesn't allow for much air exchange.

Such little airflow means it's not impossible for a rogue

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