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Exposed by Pandora Papers? Go clear your name, Pakatan Youth tells leaders


Exposed by Pandora Papers? Go clear your name, Pakatan Youth tells leaders

KOTA KINABALU – Malaysians named in the controversial Pandora Papers should come forward to the authorities to clear their names, said Howard Lee today.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) Youth chief said these leaders should volunteer to speak to authorities if they believe they are not involved in any illegal activities.

“We are aware that not all of the offshore accounts were used to evade taxes or for money laundering. However, Malaysians revealed in the papers should be probed to clear their names.

“The exposure by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism’s (ICIJ) Pandora and Panama Papers give enough information for the country’s justice system to probe into those involved in the illegal flow of money and assets offshore,” he told a press conference at the Lu

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3 days ago
Those acct holders in the Pandora scandal will avoid surfacing coz they know that they have committed an offence. These politicians will use their network with the PM to eliminate the issue slowly so i hope the opposition will keep harping in parliament on this matter until the matter brought up for debate.

R Ace
4 days ago
Gov if true and serious to eliminate corruption and hanky panky ie pandora boxes all need to open up if ethical and no quilt conscious who who especially politicians and civil servants irrespective of rank and the private sector ie the mega tycoon rakyat show all if not smelly and fishy ? Not always by word of mouth for the rakyat ie for the bumi and then for the non bumi. All-in the family ? Sure or not? Open up and no need protect if filths and dirts, nothing to fear , if clean ok? If not , how/ what , let it be or action to clear / solve/ confiscate etc ?

Ricky Khaw
4 days ago
If they will to sweep under the carpet then is up to our opposition party to after them pif not then we have to wait until GE15 to kick them out

4 days ago
Suddenly one by one going overseas to evade questioning and evidence. Excuses after excuses

henghean lim
4 days ago
... very3 basically, a/c holders of offshore banks hv only ONE SOLE PURPOSE ... TO EVADE TAX & SECRECY! ... but businessmen jst for tax evasion & secrecy; however.fulltime lawmakers/politicians must be considered as TRAITORS & CRIMINALS for evading taxes & illegitimate & corrupted sources of amassing such extra funds!!! ALL POLITICIANS / MPS INVOLVED IN THE PANDORA PAPERS EXPOSURE MUST2 RESIGN & FACE CHARGES FOR FRAUDS & TREASON!!! ENUF IS ENUF!!!

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