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Do Vitamin D Supplements Even Work If They're Not Combined With This Nutrient?

Health & Fitness

Some things in life just seem to pair together naturally-peanut butter and jelly, coffee and quiet mornings, you get the gist. Another one of these natural power couples (or at least so you might think): vitamin D and vitamin K.

These two nutrients are each incredibly important for your health in their own right-and if you've seen them packaged together in supplements, you've probably wondered: Do I really need to take these two vitamins together?

We get it: Checking off all of the nutrients you need can feel complicated-especially when supplements enter stage left. To keep your routine simple and your mind as clear of all the clutter as possible, here's what you need to know about vitamin D, vitamin K, and whether or not they should be inseparable in your supplement regimen.

Though you've probably heard loads about vitamin D and its

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