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Labuan MP facing MACC charge


LABUAN: Parti Warisan Member of Parliament here Datuk Rozman Isli said he will fight to clear his name against any corruption allegations.

He was responding to reports that he has been summoned to appear in court today (Thursday) to face charges by the MACC. Rozman won the last general election with a majority of 1,450 votes in a four-corners fight under the Barisan Nasional ticket. He joined Warisan in October 2018.

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Soo Hock Ooi
3 days ago
Don't worry, just support the kerajaan sekarang and all will be dropped !!

3 days ago
Political prosecution

Francis Tan
4 days ago
Later will fake illness and ask for the passport to visit some relatives

nazareth thamoderam
4 days ago
All this Wayang by Corrupted Pariah Undignified Ministers!!!! It seems they are Innocent?!!!!

4 days ago
A frog or not?

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