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Spot AI emerges from stealth with $22M for a platform to draw out more intelligence from organizations’ basic security videos


Security cameras, for better or for worse, are part and parcel of how many businesses monitor spaces in the workplace for security or operational reasons. Now, a startup is coming out of stealth with funding for tech designed to make the video produced by those cameras more useful. Spot AI has built a software platform that “reads” that video footage — regardless of the type or quality of camera it was created on — and makes video produced by those cameras searchable by anyone who needs it, both by way of words and by way of images in the frames shot by the cameras.

Spot AI has been quietly building its technology and customer base since 2018, and already has hundreds of customers and thousands of users. Notably, its customers reach well beyond tech early adopters, spanning from SpaceX to transportation company Cheeseman, Mixt and North

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