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Chanting ‘Hongkongers, add oil’ or calling government ‘tyrannical’ could be seditious, court hears


Tam Tak-chi speaks at a rally in Wan Chai in July 2018. Photo: Edmond So

Lingnan University Professor Lau Chi-pang testifies for prosecution in trial of former radio presenter Tam Tak-chi Tam is facing 14 charges, including eight related to uttering seditious words, tied to various public statements made between January and July last year

Chanting certain words of support for Hong Kong residents or calling the government "tyrannical" could be seditious, a pro-government historian has argued in the first trial under the city's colonial-era sedition law since 1997.

Lingnan University Professor Lau Chi-pang on Monday told the District Court that "Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times" or "Hongkongers, add oil" were capable of inciting others to break the law depending on the circumstances of their use. The latter phrase is a Cantonese expression of encourage

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