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Meet the ‘dancing grannies’, the loud-but-glorious staple of Chinese society

While it may seem like a centuries-old tradition, the ‘dancing grannies’ of China are actually a relatively new phenomenon. Photo: AP

Anyone who has spent time in China over the past 20 years is familiar with the groups of mostly-older women who dance in unison They are occasionally a source of conflict, but the pros seems to outweigh the cons

The women usually gather in the squares early in the mornings and evenings, sometimes wearing matching outfits, preparing to dance in unison to the day's music line-up, usually Chinese, sometimes not.

These "dancing grannies" gather by the dozens, and even hundreds, all across China, and have become an omnipresent part of society in the past 20 years.

"I have been dancing for eight years," said a Chinese auntie from Chongqing, who preferred to remain anonymous.

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