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I'm A Neuroscientist: This Is How Trauma Impacts Your Brain + How To Heal

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Surviving a chaotic upbringing, living through a natural disaster, experiencing verbal abuse-it's common knowledge that these types of trauma can cause lasting emotional scars. But did you know that they may also affect the physical functioning of your brain? And that these brain changes can increase your risk for anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, sleep problems, and more?  

At Amen Clinics, we have conducted several brain SPECT imaging studies on trauma survivors to analyze their brain function. SPECT is a brain-imaging technology that measures blood flow and activity in the brain and shows three things: areas of the brain with healthy activity, areas with too little activity, and areas with too much activity.

In a 2015 Amen Clinics study published in Plos One, SPECT scans of people who had experienced various forms of

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