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Worried About Traffic Jams During Interstate Travel? Here’s How You Can Check Highway CCTVs!


The whole of Malaysia is rejoicing as interstate travel is finally a go and everyone is planning their long-overdue trip back to their hometowns and local holiday destinations.

But that’s also a problem because if everyone is on the road, it means it’s going to be hella jammed.

Checking Waze for jams just doesn’t feel good enough anymore? Well, you can also check the Malaysian Highway Authority’s highway CCTV cameras to check for traffic jams and plan your route around them!


Here’s how you do it

Firstly, head on over to the Malaysian Highway Authority’s website and the ‘status trafik semasa’ or ‘current traffic status’ option will be right on the home page for the public to utilise.

From there, you’ll have the option between Highway E1 to E38.

Select the highway you’re planning to use for your jour

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+60 16*****57
2 days ago
Yeah, do enjoy the freedom properly, just make sure you don't regret later.

3 days ago
Fatal error 💩

MiaAzura .A
3 days ago
Fatal Error :(((((((

3 days ago
Covid don’t have to download any Apps or watch CCTV It will freely go for holidays & happily come back with more victims

C Pt
3 days ago
Check what CCTV?? As usual, Malaysia style...all tak boleh connect. Don't believe, check it out yourself.

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