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How To Use Selenite For Deep Energetic Cleansing, From Crystal Experts

There are a number of different crystals out there to help with everything from protection to love. But of all the crystals available, few are better for clearing energy than selenite. Here's why this crystal is a fan favorite of so many, plus how you can use it yourself.

Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum, named after Selene, the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology, Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, tells mbg.

While the name selenite originally referred to the transparent variety, nowadays, it can also refer to the striated, fibrous version called satin spar (which is also a variety of gypsum). "People have gone so far as to say satin spar isn't real selenite, and although it's true that there's a subtle distinction, they're chemically the same-they're the same typ

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