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I'm A Gastroenterologist: Here's My Nonnegotiable Habits For Stellar Gut Health

Health & Fitness

When it comes to maintaining a healthy gut, there's no such thing as instant gratification. Implementing a range of healthy lifestyle measures is critical for gut and overall well-being. While this can look different for everyone, incorporating nutrient-dense foods, movement, and mindfulness techniques are just a few ways to optimize gut health. 

These are the gut-friendly measures I prioritize in the morning, afternoon, and evening to support my own gut microbiome every day. 

After waking up in the morning, the first thing I do is drink at least one glass of water. Hydration supports not only digestion but also immune functioning and brain health. While it's not critical, some days I'll add a splash of lemon to stimulate gut motility.

While I enjoy a nice warm brew of organic coffee, I generally limit my

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