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Hong Kong Consumer Council finds cancer-causing substances in all 60 biscuit types subject to testing

Health & Fitness

The Muji Shiruko Sandwich Cracker recorded the highest acrylamide reading of the tested products. Photo: Handout

Watchdog says study of biscuits, crackers and wafers shows carcinogens presence across the board, even though it is possible to avoid introducing the contaminants Forty per cent of products carry misleading labelling, raising major concerns for those with health conditions relying on accurate information

Cancer-causing substances were detected in all 60 samples of pre-packaged biscuits and crackers tested by Hong Kong's consumer watchdog, which also found that 40 per cent of the products carried misleading nutrition labels.

The Consumer Council also revealed on Monday that most of the analysed snacks - including crackers, sandwich biscuits and wafers - were high in fat, sugar or salt.

The watchdog said the full set of samples contained contamin

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