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Berlin’s Mayd bags $15M seed to deliver meds fast

Berlin-based Mayd has spied an opportunity to build out a medicine delivery platform in Europe which partners with the small-scale pharmacies that tend to be the norm on the continent, capitializing on how the pandemic has generally accelerated demand for on-demand delivery.

The startup, which was only founded at the beginning of this year, has bagged €13 million ($15M) in seed funding from 468 Capital, Earlybird and Target Global to build out its vision of delivering meds to Europeans’ doors fast — within 30 minutes if they’re ordered before noon (or the next day, at a selected slot starting from 8am).

Regulatory restrictions and fragmentation across Europe, with a patchwork of per-country rules around prescriptions, may explain why this use-case hasn’t already been sewn up by a handful of pharmacy or platform giants.


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