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‘Photocopier’ Ending, Explained: What Happened At The Party? How Did Suryani Seek Justice?

When a crime is committed by the rich and powerful, justice is difficult to attain. With this idea at its core, ‘Photocopier’ directed by Wregas Bhanuteja, embarks on a journey that will captivate your attention till the very end. At the center of this Indonesian mystery drama is a first-year college student, Suryani, who is part of the famous drama troupe at the college called Mata Hari. While the joy of being a part of something popular makes Suryani gleam with joy, the party took away her peace of mind. The fact that she could not remember any details of the party made her question the popular team and its influential members.

‘Photocopier’ Plot Summary: What Happened At The Party?

Photocopier begins with the performance of the Mata Hari team, Medusa et Perseus. The performance fetched t

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