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More enforcement officers in Chinatown in run-up to Chinese New Year; additional measures to be implemented if needed


SINGAPORE: More safe distancing ambassadors and enforcement officers will be deployed to Chinatown in the weekends leading up to Chinese New Year, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said on Saturday (Jan 15).

The three weekends are Jan 14 to Jan 16, Jan 21 to Jan 23, and Jan 28 to Jan 31.

STB said it will work closely with other authorities to monitor the crowd situation in Chinatown. Additional measures during peak hours will be implemented if necessary.

These possible measures include: Closing the pedestrian entry to Pagoda Street from New Bridge Road, limiting entry from Exit A of Chinatown MRT station at Pagoda Street, and closing Temple Street to vehicles.

"STB is working with the Chinatown Business Association and relevant government agencies to ensure shops and eateries do not extend their operations onto pedestrian paths, which could make i

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