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18 October COVID-19 Cases Update


KUALA LUMPUR, October 18The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that there were a total of 5,434 new cases reported up till 12pm today, pushing the cumulative figure for positive cases in Malaysia to 2,396,121.

The ministry also reported that 8,435 patients had recovered and discharged today, bringing the cumulative figure for recoveries to 2,278,955 so far.

Unfortunately, 72 new deaths were registered today, resulting in a total death toll of 27,993.

Top 5 states with the most cases today:

Selangor +800, Johor +698, Sarawak +694, Kelantan +643, Sabah +497

The number of patients now in intensive care units (ICU) stood at 682. Meanwhile, there are 357 patients on ventilator support.

15 new Covid-19 clusters were reported. The total number of clusters recorded to date is 5687.

Data as of 18 Oct 2021, 07:18 pm:

  • Current recovery rate is at 95.11%
  • Active Cases: 92,246
  • Total Confirmed: 2,396,121 (+5,434)
  • Total Recovered: 2,278,955 (+8,435)
  • Total Deaths: 27,993 (+72)
  • Total Brought In Dead (BID): 5,646


More to follow...

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1 hour ago
The decrease of number might due to self test. Just ask urself if u found out positive during ur self test, will u go report it? Most will just do self quarantine.

FreeN easy
1 hour ago
Please drop until single digits and no need SOP and all the bullshit anymore..if that's the case😂😂😂

Francis Tan
2 hours ago
Not sure the real reason for the drop in cases recently?

Carlson Chan
3 hours ago
☢️5434☢️ Indonesia reported 747 cases yesterday! Backdoor Government 2.0 must continue decrease the numbers on the paper. Or else 💯 days arrived, KJ and dumno lose face lo... Singapore opened to visitors from Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States without quarantine required. Why Singapore don't do the same to Malaysia and Indonesia? 😷😷😷

+60 111*****92
5 hours ago
Malaysia boleh, habis Singapore! Singapore daily already 3K, despite stringent measures, but Malaysia lackadaisical one, still better - Singapore better eat more nasi lemak and roti prata to boaster your immunity HoR!

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