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16 October COVID-19 Cases Update


KUALA LUMPUR, October 16The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that there were a total of 7,509 new cases reported up till 12pm today, pushing the cumulative figure for positive cases in Malaysia to 2,384,542.

The ministry also reported that 9,531 patients had recovered and discharged today, bringing the cumulative figure for recoveries to 2,261,289 so far.

The number of patients now in intensive care units (ICU) stood at 695. Meanwhile, there are 347 patients on ventilator support.

9 new Covid-19 clusters were reported. The total number of clusters recorded to date is 5663.

Data as of 16 Oct 2021, 06:51 pm:

  • Current recovery rate is at 94.83%
  • Active Cases: 97,505
  • Total Confirmed: 2,384,542 (+7,509)
  • Total Recovered: 2,261,289 (+9,531)
  • Total Deaths: 27,770
  • Total Brought In Dead (BID): 5,609


More to follow...

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chongak kuang
47 minutes ago
MOH pls tell us what treatment for the sick u have given? It is ivermectin?

Andy Lee
2 hours ago
Batu ferringhi Hotels is full of people, since government let the dogs out n the dogs goes wild🤣

May Lim
3 hours ago
Bila nak turun

Christine Tan
7 hours ago
Do you really believe the figure???😂😂

Bee Li Choong
8 hours ago
ALL Malaysians , pl follow strict stringent SOPs! The main enemy is Covid virus! Take care. Together we stand, divided we, all fall!! The travel and tourist industry is greatly hit! Safety and hygiene of tourists is the GREATEST fear that is hindering our economy!

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